Alammer | Brand Identity

Alammer is one of the biggest family businesses in Saudi Arabia. We created new brand for their Super Market. They are one of the largest supermarket in Saudi. They provide a wide selection of food and beverages products, local or imported, and many other products, which meets every requirement.
We inspired Alammer logo from many things like the palm. Palm is a symbol of the Saudi Arabian national emblem it consists of two crossed swords with a palm in the space above them. The palm in the logo represents people, heritage, history, and resources natural and non-natural. Also, part of the logo inspired from fireworks celebration. Which made hundred of families gathered and existed.

We choose the orange color to represent warm, youthful, fun and invigorating. Also, because the orange contains an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals for normal growth and development and overall well being. 

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